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                1.     About us

                Founded in 1936, NanjingFirst Hospital(Nanjing Hospitalaffiliated with Nanjing Medical University)now offers 1700 opening beds that are serving nearly 60,000 discharged patientsannually. As no. 3 Clinical College of Nanjing Medical University, it is amongboth the first group of national A-level tertiary comprehensive hospitalsapproved by the Ministry of Health ofChinaand the first authorizedhospitals to perform heart transplantation. In addition, here we also house Nanjing Cardiovascular Hospital, JiangsuProvincial Center for Diagnosis and Treatmentof Coronary Heart Disease, Jiangsu Provincial Emergency MedicalRescue Base,NanjingDiabetes Prevention and Control Center, Nanjing Clinical NuclearMedicine Center, and Nanjing Red Cross Eye Bank. With abundant talents, tailor-madeSpecial treatment set-up, and advanced medical equipment, the hospital rankedamong Top 100 “2013 Chinese Best Comprehensive Hospitals” by Fudan UniversityHospital Management Research Institute and third among “2013 Top 100 CompetitiveMunicipal Hospitals of China Provincial Capital” by the Hongkong Ailibihospital management Research Center. In 2002, thehospital passed the ISO9001 Management Systems Certification by BritishStandards Institution (BSI) Pacific Co., Ltd. It is also the first hospital in Jiangsu province to beawarded the silver medal of Management Quality Service by the British UnitedProvident Association (BUPA).

                2.     Key disciplines and specialties

                Nationalkey clinical specialty:Cardiovascular Surgery

                Nationalkey medical discipline:Internal Medicine (cardiovascular diseases)

                Keymedical disciplines of Jiangsu province:Vasculocardiology, Clinical Nuclear Medicine

                Keymedical disciplines of Jiangsu Province:Department of Medical Imaging, Orthopedics, ClinicalNuclear Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Anesthesiology, Urology, Endocrinology, GeneralSurgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Vasculocardiology, Laboratory Medicine, Oncology,Critical Care Medicine, Neurology, Respiratory disease, Rehabilitation, Nephrology

                Keymedical disciplines of Nanjing City:Cardiothoracic Surgery, Vasculocardiology

                Keymedical specialties of Nanjing City:Department of Nephrology, Neurology,Hematology, Respiratory disease, Rehabilitation, Gastroenterology,Ophthalmology, Pharmacy, Stomatology, neurosurgery, gynaecology and obstetrics,rheumatology and immunology

                3.     Service content

                Outpatient visit, inpatient admission,health examination

                4.     Visiting time

                Monday to Friday: 8:00 ~ 12:00 am and14:00 ~ 17:30 pm.

                5.     Access to Care

                (1)  Appointment: Appointment by telephone isrequired. Please make an appointment at least one day before your visit. Tel:86-25-52271047. Contact: Ms. Luo

                (2)  Confirmation: Based on your service type,we will make an appointment with an expert and confirm the time for your visit.

                (3)  Reception: Our staff will welcome youat the expert clinic station, located on the third floor, Outpatient (No. 1) Building.

                (4)  Identity Verification: Please show us one of the followingidentity documents: your medical insurance card, passport, government-issuedphoto ID, or driver’s license.

                (5)  Clinical Visit: We will have staff toaccompany you to see the doctor.

                6.     How to find us

                (1)  To main division: No.  68 Changle Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing


                - Bysubway: get off at Sanshanjie station

                - Bybus: no. 701, no. 702, no. 703, no. 106, no. 16, no. 33, no. 26, no. 2, no. 2 tour,no. 4 tour, no. 46, no. 81, no. 87, no. 63, no. 43, no. 301, no. 305, or no. 14,and get off at Changle Road (Nanjing First Hospital) station.

                (2)  To our South division: No. 32 Gongqingtuan Road, Yuhuatai district,Nanjing


                - Bybus: no. 26 or no. 305, and get off at Pudecun station.

                7.     Schedule for Expert Clinic

                (Follow appointment time in case of scheduleadjustment.)